Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Reusing the Monkey Breath

The husband and I have been doing some of our Christmas shopping online this year. My word it's convenient!! Well, convenient as long as one does not accidentally open a package they weren't supposed to open. Oops!!

With this ordering of gifts online, we've ended up with a bunch of giant packing bubbles that are used inside the shipping boxes.

Have you seen these? 

We even have some that are filled with monkey breath. Weird I know. 

They're definitely not like your usual little packing bubbles that everyone fights over because they're so much fun to pop. Oh no! These large packing bubbles might send our poor little pooch into anxious fits if someone started popping them. What a racket they would make!!

It's okay! I swear I won't let anyone start popping the giant bubbles! 

Oh no! I have something much better in mind.

You see, I have these purses...

See them all flopped over? Yep, that's how they sit on the shelf in my closet. Kind of a mess. And it's not very good for the purses. It leaves them creased in all the wrong places and breaks down the leather.

So I took all of that giant bubble pack and packed my purses full!

Look how neatly they sit on my shelf now!

There will be a lot less wear on my purses. 

I've reused instead of just throwing away all of that giant bubble pack...not to mention I'd hate to just toss out all of that monkey breath someone worked so hard to collect! Mmmm hmmmm!!! 

And did I mention my shelf looks so much neater!! Oh that makes me happy!

Reusing giant bubble pack filled with monkey breath...it's a good thing!


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