Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Life Interupted

It's been such a busy few weeks.

There have been lists of things I need to do. Lists of the things I want to do. Lists of things from the first list that I didn't want to do and can no longer put off doing. -sigh-

School started.

Oh yeah, the whole neighborhood was very excited about that!

School starting, means school activities starting, which means a jam-packed schedule. -double sigh-

School starting also means that the routine of early morning workouts Sofia and I began this summer have been moved to even earlier in the mornings so we can continue this routine during the school year. 

My friends, I am so tired! And, most of the time, everything aches. But we're sticking with it. Yay for us!?

There have been forms to fill out. See started. 

There have been appointments to make and appointments to keep. 

Oh, and this girl got her driver's license. Whoop Whoop!!

A little celebratory Starbucks! That's right, we know how to celebrate in style!

It's been a nonstop, crazy, don't have time to take a breath, make your head spin trying to get it all done few weeks.

Then it happened.

The sick child.


And it all came screeching to a stop. Life interrupted!!


There wasn't time for illness!

My schedule was completely thrown off!

I could have cried!

This was not in the plan!!!!

I proceeded to try to figure out how to take care of a sick child and still accomplish all that was on the "planned" list for the day.

A Target run was first. There was no getting around it. We were nearly out out of toilet tissue. Really not good when you have someone with a sick stomach in the house!

A side note here...Has anyone else noticed how quickly young people go through toilet tissue?? Good grief! 

Not that this helps any.

That's right! Not even trying to hide it. The Package on the right, 400 square feet of TP. On the left, the packages reduced to 352 square feet! On the same shelf! For the same price! BAH!!


As I drove home from running this necessary errand, thoughts running through my mind that dealing with a sick child was not how this day was supposed to go, the words from the song on the radio broke through...

Lord have your way...Lord have your way in me...I surrender. 


The day was not going as I had planned, but was I going to chose to be a slave to the to-do list?

Were the things I believed I needed to do more important than what God had placed in my day?

My priority when I chose to be an at-home mom was, exactly this, taking care of my children.

I returned home with a new purpose...surrender.

I don't always know or understand why things happen. I can easily see things that are not part of my plan as problems or frustrations. But if I believe that nothing can happen in my life that has not been allowed by God, then I need to surrender, with a peaceful heart, a thankful heart, trusting God's purpose is good for me. And can't I trust that if something is important, in God's eyes, for me to accomplish, that He will make a way?

And we know all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 

This moment, this time, this taking care of a sick child that I love was no longer going to be the interruption. It was the priority!

I made soup. We watched a movie. I hovered and covered with extra blankets. I held hair back...sick stomach remember? And at the end of the day, my baby said' "Thank you for taking such good care of me mom." -my heart melted-

Sometimes things get in the way of our to-do list. We don't know why. It may not be convenient. But if we trust the Lord, we can be confident that He allowed it. If He allowed it, He has a plan and a good purpose. Whether we know what it is or not. And if the payoff for surrender is nothing more than a simple thank you mom, it is well worth it!!