Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's Be Honest

I've got recipes I want to share.

I've got blog post ideas jotted down.

But there's a lack of posting.

I've got some serious blogger's guilt about it...but let's be's summertime!

The deliciousness of long, fun filled summer days has been an utter distraction.

There are gardens to be savored!


Baby Praying Mantis to watch grow!

There are berries to be picked!

Sweet, sweet berries!!

There are slushies to be made!

Strawberries with sugar. Puree.

Lemon sherbet.

Toss into a blender with a can of ginger ale. YUM!!

Perfect for the under age crowd!

For those 21 and older...swap out the ginger ale for some Prosecco.

Oh yeah! 

We could just linger here for a moment...

Take it to the porch and sit awhile. 


And now we're off again!

There have been 3 legged races!

Birds to watch!

Games to play!

Be aware, teenagers will still play the games of their youth, but now, they play to win! Actually they play to ensure mom loses! They're pretty much out for blood!! -GULP-

Maybe fewer games would be best.

Maybe we should go with more silliness!

Or maybe tug-of-war! Where mom gets all of the adults on her side!! Oh yeah! That's more like it!

Or mom can just take the photos.

I think I'll stick with taking the photos.

And then there's the friend who got this.

Hello gorgeous!

He shared these.

BEST ribs EVER!!! He might be our favorite friend!!

And there's been this.

I have no idea what this is about.

Maybe it means...Stop! Time for one more slushy while sittin' on the porch. Hmmmm


Summer is good!

But very distracting!!